Monday, June 13, 2011


Typically, you will find courses under the following headings:
Film and Television Studies - academic/ largely theoretical courses
Cultural Studies - academic/largely theoretical courses, strong links with sociology
Communications - academic/largely theoretical courses/strong links with New Media and Cultural/Social Studies
New or interactive media/digital media/multi-media/media technology - practical and theory mix, focus is on interactive/online media and technology
Media/TV/Video Production - largely practical, industry driven courses which include placements and specialised training
Media Arts, Media Design - highly creative content, strong links with Art + design
Journalism/Broadcast Journalism - practical and theoretical mix, industry driven courses with strong focus on specialised training and industrial placements
Advertising/PR/Marketing - academic and theory mix, focus on specialised training and placements. You may be better specialising later on as there are some issues with these kinds of courses

A different approach is recommended for those of you applying for theory courses as opposed to practical. Theory courses - you have more time to apply, you don't need a showreel, they interview less and are looking for a different set of skills evidenced in your application. They are still very competitive but the process is more standard and less specialised.

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